What are the most pressing HR issues of our time?

“HR Talk” with Lena Lindemann (ERGO Group) and Sylvie Nicol (Henkel)

Change & Culture, 16.05.2024

Four generations under one company roof. Does that work? And how can you work together successfully in times of change? Dr. Lena Lindemann, HR Director at ERGO Group, talked about this in her new format ‘HR Talk’ with her colleague Sylvie Nicol from Henkel.

What are their key findings?

  • There is no single measure for dealing with the generations and the challenges of demographic change, but rather very different fields of action.

  • This includes a convincing and modern employer brand in order to attract new talent, but – not  to be underestimated – also to keep employees in the company in the long term.

  • Each target group needs its own approach on the employer market, Gen Z for example via social media and WhatsApp, but experienced employees still need to be addressed via traditional channels. And it is not very helpful if the visual language of the employer brand only stages young people.

  • The development and training of existing employees across all generations with a view to future skills is key.

  • Those who manage to ensure that the generations in the company can consistently learn from each other and are happy to share expertise and experience will unleash an immense potential for innovation.

  • In future, these intergenerational exchange processes will require the consistent inclusion of AI.

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