ERGO Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance stands for the responsible management and monitoring of a company with a view to creating long-term added value.

ERGO views good corporate governance as a key challenge and an essential prerequisite in order to create long-term value for all relevant stakeholders.

Corporate Governance

A large number of legal and corporate regulations set the framework for the responsible management of the company.

Compliance at ERGO

ERGO’s Compliance Management System ensures the adherence to statutory and corporate regulations within the organisation, thus protecting customers’ interests and avoiding risks to the company.

Regulations and Guidelines

As a financial services provider, we highly dependent on trust. In order to prevent any - however unintentional - reputational damage, clear rules of conduct for all members of the Board of Management, employees and self-employed sales staff are required.

German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

ERGO is expressly committed to respecting and upholding human rights in accordance with international standards. We take our corresponding due diligence obligations seriously and have established processes to identify possible risks of human rights being impaired and to manage them with appropriate measures.

EU Disclosure Regulation

Transparency about aspects of the sustainability of our products and the underlying investment decision-making processes – also in the context of investment and insurance consulting – is of particular concern to us. In accordance with EU Disclosure Regulation, we have therefore summarized all the necessary information for our clients.

Responsibility at ERGO

ERGO Group AG and its companies are committed to responsible and prudent action. All information on our sustainable commitment in our business, for our employees, for the environment and society as well as our sustainability report can be found in the “Sustainability” section.