Summary of the Slot Game Robin of Nottingham Raiders

You’ll know Robin Nottingham Raiders is made by the Armenian company Peter & Sons if you’ve played any of their other games. This is especially true if you’re familiar with the original Robin Sherwood Marauders game, a fun adventure set in medieval England and one of Peter & Sons’ best. If the official records of Robin Nottingham Raiders are any indication, they thoroughly outclass their forerunner. One is akin to a lowly serf who hunts animals in a forest for food, while the other is a spoiled lord who lives off the fat of the land.

Although named after the legendary Sherwood Forest, Robin Nottingham Raiders really takes place in the nearby city of Nottingham. Snotingham, which meant the town of snot people and was controlled by Chief Snot, was the ancient name for Nottingham. Although it is most known as the setting of the classic Robin Hood tale, it was also the birthplace of the man who invented traffic lights. There are 20 fixed paylines and a grid of 5 reels by 4 rows in Peter & Sons’ Robin Nottingham Raiders. The grid is surrounded by charming timber structures.

With stakes ranging from 20 percent to £/€10 every spin, careful bet selection is required before thieving from the affluent and giving to oneself. The game provides all the information you may desire, such as the RTP (96.07%). The game’s tremendous volatility is also something to keep in mind; this is no innocent stroll in the woods, but rather a bloody battle between noble families.

When matching symbols appear left to right, beginning with the first reel, the hit frequency is 25.46 percent. All of the tiles, from the cheapest chicken legs to swords, mugs, batons, bows, and quivers of arrows, have a classic look and feel. Friar Tuck, the guy with the iron mask, Maid Marian, Robin, King John, and the rest of the upper class appear next. A payoff of between 5 and 10 times the initial wager is possible for a line of 5 premiums. The blue coin wild pays out 25 times the wager for a full house. As we’ll see below, some of them can be collected, but all of them can stand in for pay symbols to complete a win.

Slot Machine Features in Robin of Locksley

After the basic gameplay, Peter & Sons add two basic features. When a particular amount of gold wilds are amassed, a respin feature is activated, and free spins with wandering wilds and multipliers are awarded.

The meter to the right of the grid is where you’ll store your special wild symbols. If you gather 9 wilds, you’ll get a respin during which those 9 wilds will be randomly distributed around the grid. Wilds that touch one other are treated as a single symbol. The respin will be played before any free spins if both are triggered at the same time.

Free spins can be triggered in the main game by landing three or more scatter symbols. A greater number of unique wilds can be obtained during free games. Whenever you acquire a set of three wilds, you’ll now receive an extra three free spins and an extra wild added to the board. Up to nine wandering wilds can be used simultaneously on the panel. These wilds stick around for the remainder of the round, repositioning themselves with each spin. A reel with three or more wild symbols will have its win multiplied by two or three times, respectively. If you use multiple multipliers at once, the total amount of those multipliers will be added to your win.

Slot Result for Robin Hood Invaders

It’s common knowledge that Peter & Sons have been steadily making their mark in the online gaming industry. You can always tell when a Peter & Sons game is being played because of the unique blend of style and personality present in the game’s charming visuals, mood, and bouncy action. They have raised the stakes visually and aurally to leave a lasting impact on potential customers. The 35,000x in Robin Hood: Marauders wasn’t something out of the norm, but it was still remarkable. However, the maximum win total for Robin Nottingham Raiders is the kind of thing that gets people’s attention.

While the maximum win in the regular game is just 500x (1 in 18,181 chance), the free spins round may award prizes of up to 121,500x your bet, so it’s worth noting. Of course, the odds of such happening are astronomical, and a multiplier of x243 plus full-screen wilds would be required. You have a theoretical 1 in 249,999,999 chance of winning anything, and that includes a 25,000x payout.

Most players won’t get the maximum victory, but does that mean they won’t have fun with Robin Nottingham Raiders? The game is a delightful medieval themed slot that expands on Robin Sherwood Marauders while trimming some of its fat. One of the most noticeable changes is the pay system, and the switch back to fixed paylines from win-all-ways payouts with cascades may make the game feel restrictive to certain players.

But there are many advantages as well. The swaying trees of Sherwood Forest are less foreboding in Robin Nottingham Raiders than they were in the original. Nottingham’s historic timber chic is far more appealing. The method for collecting wild items is an excellent bonus to the main game. Although it may take a while to earn the respin function, it serves as a welcome diversion while playing for free rounds.

During the bonus game, Robin will release wilds that can appear anywhere and multiply your wins. It’s a devastating combination that’s been successful elsewhere, but nowhere else quite like Robin Nottingham Raiders. Those who just see dollar signs should prepare themselves for a tough journey despite the huge potential rewards. A well-designed bonus, on the other hand, may quickly multiply itself. The greater the number of wilds, the greater the number of line wins and the multiplier. It’s a dangerous concoction, capable of spawning both pleasant and horrifying extra stages.

The hype surrounding Robin Nottingham Raiders will undoubtedly increase recognition for Peter & Son. Including a hot video clip or two at some point in the process would certainly lend the claim more weight. There will be hundreds of people trying their luck in cyberspace England till then.

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